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Albert-Sheridan, a Democrat, was suspended by the State Bar effective February 14 for a minimum of 30 days and until she pays sanctions and provided she follow the rules of her suspension. As of Tuesday morning, the State Bar website still listed Albert-Sheridan as suspended. Candidates for district attorney must be “eligible to practice in the Supreme Court of the State,” according to the Registrar of Voters’ website, or in other words, have a license to practice law. Attorney Lee Fink argued at an April 6 court hearing it is unlikely Albert-Sheridan’s suspension will end in time for the election. He said she has continued to practice law while her license is suspended and is likely to face additional discipline, if not disbarment. Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig Griffin ruled it’s entirely within Albert-Sheridan’s control to pay her fines and end her suspension before the June 5 primary election. When Albert-Sheridan filed her declaration of candidacy, she was required to sign a statement attesting she currently meets the qualifications to run for office. That appears to conflict, Griffin writes in his opinion, with another section of the state elections code which requires “if elected, the candidate will qualify for the office,” suggesting the candidate only needs to be qualified by the time they take office. Given those conflicting statements, Griffin looked to case law. He cited two court cases in his ruling which suggest “where a candidate not presently qualified can become so by the mere passage of time or by action on matters entirely within the candidate’s control, any challenge to eligibility before the election is premature.” If, at the time of the election, Albert-Sheridan still is not qualified, a separate court challenge can be filed within five days of the election, according to the ruling.

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