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He may have his man in Solicitor General Noel Francisco, a little-known Trump appointee who happens to have an ax to grind against the FBI — and who could become Mueller’s boss through one angry presidential impulse. Francisco even has a specific grudge against former FBI Director James Comey, whom — much like Trump — he has accused of partisan bias. That has compounded prior concerns among Democrats about Francisco’s political independence and whether he might obey an order to either sack Mueller or constrain his investigation. “I don’t think we


New Molecular Theories Of Heat Taught Scientists That The Best Way To Control The Movement Of Atoms Was By Changing Their Temperature.

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"Physicists Demonstrate How to Reverse of the Arrow of Time," ran a recent headline in MIT Technology Review , while "'Arrow of time' reversed in quantum experiment," was the headline used by Science News . In these experiments, time is reversed because scientists can make a cold object heat up a hotter one. Thus, these experiments promise to be an entryway into yet another area traditionally considered the realm of science fiction: perpetual motion. But a Second-Law-of-Thermodynamics -breaking-gadget might not be just right around the corner.