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Tenants say she solicited them online, in front of the Department of Public Social Services and on Skid Row at homeless shelters including the Downtown Women’s Center. Wilkerson says her tenants are required to disclose their private financial information because “people become dishonest.” “We don’t ask to [hold] onto cards as most program [sic] do. They will say their funds didn’t hit the card, and attempt to live for free, smoke or drink their money up. Poor choices rather than housing being a priority.” An investigation into Wilkerson has


And One Of The Reasons Why Divorce Can Be Such A Huge Financial Drag Is Because It’s So Intensely Emotional.

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At worst, they are something akin to emotional and financial armageddon. And one of the reasons why divorce can be such a huge financial drag is because it’s so intensely emotional. Sheera Gefen, a divorce attorney in New York, says a big mistake people make in the divorce process is that they “think emotionally – which is not financially practical.” Some of Gefen’s clients even come to resent it when she questions the lengths they’re willing to go to get a certain concession from their spouse. “Is it worth spending all this money, say,